Please Note:  I do not make or do any construction of quilts.  This includes T-Shirt quilts.  I do not do any type of “restorations” or “repairs”.

The service I do provide is to stitch your top, with batting (which I can supply) and backing  (which you provide),  together turning all three layers into your beautiful quilt.

I do not offer any binding services.  I do have a list of people I can refer you to who will be able to help you out.

How to prepare your top for long arm quilting:

Your top should be well pressed with all stray threads clipped.  If your quilt has a “top” please identify it with a label or safety pin.  If there are a lot of seams at the edges of your quilt, please stay-stitch or serge the outer edges.  Unless otherwise instructed, tops will be quilted in the condition in which they are received.

Your backing and batting (if you are providing the batting) MUST be at least 4″ larger than your top on all sides (i.e. total 8″ larger than your top).  The reason for this is that it allows for squaring of the backing and the use of the clamps on the long arm.  Your backing must also be square, or rectangular as the case may be with 90 degree corners, sides parallel to each other and the edge straight.  If your backing is pieced; for the best results, please remove all the selvages from the INSIDE of your backing.  Please leave the selvages on the outside edges as it gives me a very strong, straight edge to work with.  There is a flat charge of $35.00 for me to construct your backing in cotton or flannel.  Any other material is $40.00.  If you are providing the batting, I will reserve the right to not use any batting I feel is not appropriate.  I have a number of different types of batting available for purchase.

PRICING STRUCTURE or How much is it going to cost:

Simply put, there are two ways to quilt your top.  The first option is what is called an all-over or Edge-to-Edge, the other is Custom.

Edge-to-Edge: the least expensive (best price point) but the most common way to finish a quilt.  Despite this, the end result will be a beautiful quilt that can be used and treasured for years to come.  Edge to Edge is a design that starts on one edge of a quilt and is sewn continuously to the opposite edge, with no consideration for borders, sashing, or piecework; the same continuous design stitched over the entire top.  I have hundreds to choose from so there will be a style/theme to match your desire.  The cost for Edge to Edge is $.030 per square inch with a minimum quilting charge of $60.00.

I have a “Semi-Custom” charge which is a separate border treatment with an edge to edge design in the body of the quilt, or anything other than a straight forward  edge to edge.  The cost for this type of quilting is $.040 per square inch.

Custom Quilting can be very time-consuming and requires securing the quilt first – usually by stitching in the ditch.  On a domestic sewing machine, stitching-in-the-ditch is very easy. However, on a long arm, it is one of the hardest things to do.  It can require rolling the quilt forward and back several times and may include changing thread colors.  It can mean stitching designs that fit specifically within your quilt blocks or secondary patterns on the top.  For instance, if you have an Irish Chain quilt top, the quilting might follow the path of the chain with another design in the spaces between the chains. Or if you have a large star in the middle, the quilting might accentuate the star.   Also, if you have large, open areas on your quilt top, a beautiful quilt design in that open area could add an entirely new element to the quilt.  The cost of this type of quilting is a per hourly rate of $35.00 per hour and could increase with the complexity of the quilting.  There is a minimum charge of $150.00.00 for any custom quilting.

Heirloom quilting is a more detailed version of custom quilting.  Heirloom quilting is the most expensive and should be reserved for  those very special quilt tops.  Heirloom quilting includes fine background fills, grids and cross-hatching, lots of ditch stitching, etc.  The cost of this type of quilting is billed out at a per hourly rate of $60.00 per hour.


Don’t forget that your quilt sandwiches can be basted together on a long arm machine in preparation for you to hand quilt or quilt it yourself on your domestic sewing machine.  The cost to baste is $.02 per square inch after the minimum charge is met.

Examples of Pricing per Square Inch:

The information below is for estimating purposes only.  Each quilt will be priced on actual measurements at the time of consultation.

Quilt Type Size Basting($.02) Edge to Edge ($0.030) Semi Custom($0.040)
Baby 36 x 45  = 1620 $60.00 $60.00 $64.80
Crib 42 x 54 = 2268 $60.00 $68.04 $90.72
Lap 54 x 68 = 3672 $73.44 $101.16 $146.88
Twin 68 x 90 = 6120 $122.40 $183.60 $244.80
Double 90 x 100 = 9000 $180.00 $270.00 $360.00
Queen 100 x 100 = 10,000 $200.00 $300.00 $400
King 120 x 120 =14,400 $288.00 $432.00 $576.00

To calculate your cost; simply use this formula:  Length of Quilt x Width of Quilt x Type of Service (ie basting, edge to edge, semi custom) = the cost of the quilting.

Edge to Edge example:   90 x 100 x .030 = $270.00

Please note I do not have a “thread” or “turning/reload” charge.  However, if a very special thread treatment is requested, a charge may apply.  I use only the finest threads available for long arming quilting.

If you have Rush Order an additional $100.00 may apply on Edge to Edge and $200.00 on Custom.